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ALTARIX is a fast-growing Russian company specializing in the development of large infrastructure IT projects, mobile services and multiplatform mobile applications for government and commercial organizations, bringing together more than 500 leading IT market specialists under its brand.





Dokukina st. 8/2
Moscow, Russia,
+7 (495) 783-11-58

from "Botanicheskiy Sad" metro station

Metro station "Botanicheskiy Sad", the last carriage from the center. From the glass doors straight, go through the park, keep to the left. After passing the park you will see the church, you need to go around it on the left side and you will approach to Dokukina street, next to d.16. Go to the opposite side of the road and continue (the road goes to the right) to the house 8/2. This is the Business Center "Ulteramarine" - the second building after the "Russian Fur" factory. The road takes approx. 10 minutes.
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Business Centre "Zvezda"
Lenina Ave. 25,
Samara, Russia,
+7 (846) 206-05-55

from Bus-stop "Star" (Novo-Sadovaya st.)

Go to the building at the intersection of Novo-Sadovaya St. and Lenin Ave. (4-storey brown office building with a sign "Zvezda"). Entrance to the building - from the side of Lenin Ave.
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Business Centre "Beliy Dom"
Malahitovaya st. 3,
Togliatti, Russia,
+7 (846) 242-75-77
The office is located within walking distance (5-7 min). From the bus-stops: "Lev Yashin", "70 Let Oktyabrya", "Avrora", "Treugolnik".
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Sverdlova st. 2i, 518
Penza, Russia,
+7 (846) 242-75-77
DK "Yuzhny" (Sverdlova st.) bus-stop. Head towards Baumana St. Office building (the former administrative building of the "ERA" factory) is 100 meters away from the stop. The entrance to the building is the very first door.
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+7 (495) 783-11-58
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